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The Big Move: One Family's Immigration Story

It was 11:00 am on March 15th and the sun was beating down on us in the parking lot of the US embassy. Since dawn, we’d been waiting in nervous anticipation for our loved ones to appear, ideally with a smile and good news to share. Seeing as the embassy offered us neither shade nor seating, my expectations for finding an outlet were set incredibly low. Still, I searched every corner of the concrete square in hopes to continue to distract myself with work. Needless to say, there were indeed no outlets and my laptop battery had run dry. As the universe willed her way, I found myself faced with no other option but to sit patiently with my thoughts.  My palms began to sweat as I walked nervously in circles around the parking lot. There must have been at least seventy of us at the start of the day, but now there were just eighteen. Though many of us had exchanged little to no conversation throughout the morning, every time our eyes met the contact lingered just a moment longer as if to acknowledge the...

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