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Buenos Aires in 72 Hours: An Ode to Slowing Down

Buenos Aires is one of those cities that within five minutes of walking around, you say to yourself, “I could live here.” Between the perpetual breeze (hence why the city’s name translates to good airs in English), the incredible food scene, and the rich culture - BA truly has a mix of it all. I was traveling with my mother on this trip, and this city offered something for all ages and interests. We kicked off our first time in the city with a bottle of crisp white wine, Colomé Torrontés, at La Mar, followed by tiraditos which are finely cut pieces of fresh fish marinated in the likes of lime and chile. We settled on sharing the fresh catch of the day which was beautifully marinated in garlic and butter - nothing overly complicated but everything was done wonderfully. An ode I found to ring true about much of the city.

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Immersion is… living. Yes, living. Exploring. Learning. Being. Enjoying.… It’s doing all those things you usually do in your own language; living life as you normally do only through another language, not necessarily in another place though for sure, it’s better to learn a new language while you travel.  Can you...


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