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Spanish Courses

Do you want to speak Spanish confidently in everyday situations while traveling to or living in Latin America? I learned how to and so can you!

Hellow fellow traveler!

Has Latin America been tugging at your hearstrings and taking up space on your travel vision board? Perhaps you've spent some time there already and are thinking of relocating but have yet to bite the bullet. Or maybe travel to Latin America isn't in the cards for you at the moment but sill feel drawn to the region, the culture, and the people.


no longer just stumbling through your meal order at a restaurant, but rather getting to know your server and the local scoop on the town you’ve just arrived in.

Envision yourself at a dinner party with new friends in Mexico City and you crack a joke in Spanish. Everyone busts up in genuine laughter and you finally feel like you fit in.

Picture yourself

sitting next to a woman on the airplane who is struggling to fill out the customs and immigration forms in English. You turn to her and in Spanish offer to help. Before you know it, her form is filled out and she’s sharing her life story and inviting you for lunch with her family next time you’re in Guadalajara.

If you connected widh any or all of the above, trust me when I say

I feel you!

because I WAS you. And let me tell you, the single biggest life-changing decision I ever made was to really invest in my Spanish language skills. Once I began to live, eat and breathe Spanish all of a sudden my travels to Latin America shifted from frun, but superficial tourist experiences, to meaninfun connections, lifelong friendships, new career opportunities, and fresh outlook on life.

It wasn’t always easy and it definitely wasn’t pretty. There were times I felt overwhelmed by nerves, especially when talking to native speakers in academic and professional environments. My palms would sweat and my throat would close, turning me into a much more shy and insecure version of myself. There is literal blood, sweat, and tears in my Spanish and I’m still working on getting better each adn every day.

Sticking with it, even when it seemed impossible to advance further, was 110% worth it and I truly cannot imagine what my life would look like without Spanish.

Learning Spanish is not just about grammar, vocabulary, and a new skill to add to your resume. It’s a journey of personal growth and transformation that will open doors to new people, places, and possibilities and enrich your life in beautiful and unexpected ways.

My Spanish language learning journey has gifted me so much over the past eleven years and together with my incredible team, we want to help you connect with yourself and others through Spanish in a deep and meaningful way.