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The 12 Tenets of Heart of Travel

At Heart of Travel, our company has been built on strong morals and dreams to create a better world. Our beliefs are what drive us to do better each day, invest in humans, and continue to believe that travel can truly change the way we live our life. So, what is Heart of Travel all about? Here are our core beliefs.

1. We believe in travel and education.

We believe that travel is a wonderful form of education and that it should be accessible to all.

2. We believe in hard-work.

We believe in being hard-working badass humans who care about the world and its inhabitants regardless of where you’re from or what your history is.

3. We believe in a strong community.

One that champions your goals, and encourages you to follow your dreams. A community that picks you up and dusts you off when you fail, encouraging you to get up and try again.

4. We believe that human connections transcend borders or visas.

That every human has the right to befriend those from home countries vastly different than their own. To fall in love with someone whose government may be starkly different than their own. To have the freedom to experience and taste the goodness and wonder of the world without being hindered by decades-old strife, politics, and borders.

5. We believe in diversity.

We believe in cheering on the little guy. We believe in the ones who don’t fit into a societal box. The quirky, the underdog, the stigmatized. We believe that differences are our biggest and most beautiful strengths.

6. We are committed to creating experiences that allow others to open their minds and shift their perspectives.

We are committed to seeking out the truth, however painful it may be, and dispelling myths and social constructions that unfairly place certain people and places in a negative light. 

7. We are committed to listening.

To really sitting down and hearing the voices of those who are often silenced and hushed. We believe in standing beside those voices, proudly, justly, and supporting them in any form that may take. We are committed to advocating, rather than speaking over, and are committed to learning and growing when we ourselves make mistakes.

8. We are committed to change the way humans interact with the earth.

We are committed to making changes in our everyday life and in our business to contribute to protecting and preserving the environment and her lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, jungles, and all of her creatures. 

9. We fight for inclusion.

We fight to make sure that everyone has a spot at our table. That they are valued, supported, and are treated as equals. We fight for representation.

10. We fight for fair wages and ethical tourism.

Tourism that not only enriches the life of the traveler, but that puts money and economic power into the towns, villages, and countries that we visit. A type of travel that empowers communities rather than overwhelms and drains resources.

11. We dream of a world where travel is widely accepted, encouraged, and accessible.

That travel can be a reality for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, or sexual orientation. A world where one can explore and roam, without worrying about their safety or fear of existing.

12. We dream of a world that has peace.

One where we can put divisions aside and build bonds with those who are different than ourselves. We dream of a world where we can all learn, grow, create, play, and live together. We believe in the dreamers, the changemakers, and the outliers. We believe in ourselves. We believe in you.
Thank you for being a part of our journey, we love each and everyone of you that is a part of this Heart of Travel family.

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