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Meet Selvyn!

Hola Heart of Travel Familia,
Today, we're thrilled to cast the spotlight on one of our beloved team members, Selvyn Herrera. If you've taken a trip to Guatemala with Heart in the past five years, you may have gotten the opportunity to meet this legend! Let's dive into all things Selvyn.
Selvyn Herrera was born on Guatemala’s Pacific coast, close to the border with México, in a small town called Ocós in the department of San Marcos. Since he was a little boy, Selvyn has always possessed an adventuresome spirit that has pulled him towards nature, outdoor adventure, and sports such as soccer and fishing. Like a true chapín, Sel is a soccer enthusiast and he even played on Xela’s professional team for several years.
A lover of high adrenaline experiences, Selvyn balances out his restless nature by continuing his independent studies reading and staying up to date on archaeology, politics, history, and the flora, and fauna of Guatemala and its neighboring countries. Previous travelers have even given him the nicknames of "the encyclopedia" or "the professor".
Selvyn has worked in tourism for over 15 years and is a well-known and respected guide throughout all of Guatemala. In 2018 he worked a freelance job for Chelsea and Chiva in the remote area of Huehuetenango and they quickly fell in love with his guiding style and overall demeanor. That July he became a full-time member of the team and continues to work hard every day while doing what he loves most, guiding Torus and sharing his country with pride with all who visit. But don't just take ir from us - we sent over a few questions to Sel, and this is what he had to say: 

What is your favorite part about working in tourism?

"Traveling, meeting new people, sharing travel experiences, teaching about the beauty my country has to offer. Here, you can see everything except snow, and that's what I love about tourism—it surprises you with every trip!"

How did you first get involved in tourism in Guatemala?

"How did I get involved in tourism? I worked as a service advisor at Toyota Guatemala. After finishing work there, I managed to buy a van and, traveling with a group of students from the United States who were studying Spanish in Xela, I met the manager of a tourism company. He asked if I worked for a tourism agency, and I replied no, I just had a mini-van but wasn't working. He then asked if I was interested in working with them as a provider, and that's how I started in tourism, working for them with my vehicle. I started in 2007."

What is your favorite thing about Guatemala to show travelers?

"I like to show everything. I like to explain the history of all the riches we had and continue to have. Guatemala has a lot to offer!"

Where is somewhere on your travel bucket list that you would love to visit one day?

"I would like to travel to South America—Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil."

How has working with Heart of Travel impacted you or your life?

"Heart of Travel is a beautiful company with a lot of vision. It has helped me work harder, and with the charisma of always working with very friendly clients, it is an honor to work with Heart."

What is your archaeological site in Guatemala?

"My favorite archaeological site is Tikal."

What is one funny/interesting historical event that took place in Guatemala?

"Currently, the International Tourism Committee includes Guatemala as one of the best countries to visit in 2024. The most impactful and historical event in Guatemala is being the Heart of the Mayan Culture."

What is your favorite food from Guatemala, and something that you think every tourist should try when visiting?

"I think the most popular and confirmed food by different tourists is Pepián, for its authentic Guatemalan flavor."

What are you looking forward to with 2024 tours?

"Those tours are always welcome because we showcase our culture, and this year is expected to be much more visited than previous years."

What is one random fact about you?

"I'm a charismatic and smiling guide!"

To travel with Sel is truly a treat, and there are plenty of options to do so in 2024! Shop all of our upcoming Guatemala trips here.
The Heart of Travel Team

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