We travel responsibly, ethically and adventurously through Latin America and The Caribbean. Travel with heart through Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and many more!

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$1600 / per person

The island is easily one of the most unique and interesting destinations to visit in all of Latin America, if not the world. While you may come to Cuba looking for answers you’re more than likely to return home with even more questions. With a complex history from pre-colonial times all the way up to the…

7 Days 7 Nights
$1685 / per person
10 Days 9 Nights
$2150 / per person

CDMX, unlike most big cities in Latin America, is not just a place for a layover, it’s a destination it its own right. Having experienced quite the renaissance, CDMX has ditched its reputation of being dingy and dangerous and is quickly becoming a major destination known for its culture, art and gastronomy. With an approximate population of…

8 nights
$2650 / per person

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10 Days 9 Nights
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