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I’m thrilled to say that 2017 has been off to a great start, on both a professional and personal level, and I hope that you can all say the same! There is something so invigorating about the concept of a fresh start and while trendy diets and promises to limit our screen time are often a distant memory come February or March, not all New Year’s resolutions have to be about restricting ourselves. Instead, I challenge you to commit to carving out time and money to put towards something

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me and along with a chaotic agenda has come a ton of happiness, joy, fun, productivity and a healthy dose of insight and perspective. Somewhere between 6:00 am phone calls to hotels in different time zones, international wire transfers and prepping for a live interview with Good Day Sacramento, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a brief visit to Guatemala and enjoy a long overdue reunion with one of my besties, Ashley Todd. A pint size

I stood in a random parking lot in North Austin amped up on caffeine and waiting anxiously for a girl by the name of Meghan to pick me up and drive me all the way to New Orleans for the Women’s Travel Fest 2017. I had no idea what Meghan really looked like since we had only met online in the Nomadic Matt Superstar Blogging course a few weeks prior. As soon as she pulled up, with bouncy blonde hair and a big smile on her face, all fears of being kidnapped

A month or so ago, I got a message from Chris at Travel Hippi nominating me for a Liebster Award. Fairly new to blogging, I immediately had to google what the heck a Liebster Award even was before I got too swept away with the idea of walking a red carpet in an Oscar worthy sequin gown and stilettos. (Fyi, I would actually never wear that but you get my drift). After a couple minutes of research I learned that, while not quite an Oscar, a Liebster Award is in fact

Lately, I've been getting really involved in the travel blogging community via conferences, online courses and Facebook groups designed to unite blogger and share information and tips on how to be better bloggers. I've found the community to be full of so many talented, passionate, ambitious and above all else friendly folks! I even ended up flying to Texas to spend a week hanging out with Kristina from www.kristinaperdida.com to brainstorm on ways we can work together and we had an absolute blast!    I was fortunate enough to be offered some guest

So you’ve decided to take the leap and move to Mexico City. No matter your reasons for moving to this megatropolis - whether it be for the adventure, the ability to live a more low-cost lifestyle, to gain experience after earning your teaching English certification, or maybe just to eat the food - Mexico City is a bustling city full of opportunities for native-English speakers. A bit of basic information to answer some frequently asked questions about teaching English in Mexico City:   1.Can I make a living teaching English

It’s been a little over a week since our return from México City and I still can’t get over what a fantastic time we all had there. Mexico City is alive in a way that many places, especially here in the states, never are. The public parks and plazas are filled with art, street performers, food stands, musicians and most importantly friends and families spending quality time together in the city’s many beautiful outdoor spaces. And while the sheer number of people peacefully coexisting together in tight quarters

During the month of October, the UNESCO World Heritage City of Guanajuato hosts its annual Festival Cervantino, an internationally recognized performing arts festival, the 4th largest of its kind in the world. El Cervantino is named after the famed Spanish writer, Miguel de Cervantes(who wrote Don Quixote), and dates back to the early 20th century when college students would perform his plays in the plazas of Guanajuato.   The festival became official in 1972 and opened up to include international acts, although it does still focus on artistic creations in the Spanish

The following piece was written in June of 2017 as a submission for a travel anthology. Although it was not selected to be published at the moment, I've decided to share it on the blog. It's a deeply personal narrative reflecting on the life and death of one of my best friends, Carlos Armas. I'm scared as hell to post but after a few close friend read it and encouraged me to share it I've decided to go for it. If you're mourning a lost loved one I

We all travel for different reasons, but if I'm being completely honest food is easily one of my top priorities whenever I'm somewhere new. Food is representative of a country's history and culture as well as their agricultural economy and we can learn a lot from what and how people dine in different countries.    One of my all time favorite cities to nosh my way through is the charming colonial town of La Antigua Guatemala. Nestled in a valley surrounded by coffee farms and volcanoes, Antigua is nothing short

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