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November 2018

The first time I visited Lake Titicaca in Perú I'd been traveling Latin America for five years and the list of memorable life experiences had already been rapidly filling up the pages of my journal. In certain ways I had become slightly desensitized to marveling at ancient ruins, exotic fruits, intricate textiles, howler monkeys, etc. Just days prior I found myself peering out over Machu Picchu and albeit impressed, I didn't experience that all consuming moment of awe that I had become so addicted to. So, when I rediscovered that euphoric feeling at 13,000 feet

The first time I visited San Juan La Laguna, one of the twelve towns surrounding Guatemala’s famous Lake Atitlán, I knew I had landed somewhere special. For someone who has traveled rather extensively throughout Guatemala, and Latin America in general, I was heartbroken to find that some of that initial feeling of awe has worn off. So, when a place impacts me now, seven years into my travels, it’s a pretty big testament to just how amazing it really is. Within hours of meeting the women of a local

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